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Jon Gregory

Art by JG creates and produces visual experiences that provoke emotion and leave a lasting impression.  With 20+years working in creative we have been the solution for graphic design, illustration, video production/editing and event photography for a variety of brands, movements, and more!


From logos to packaging designs-our skills and expertise as graphic artists has landed us opportunities to work with award winning companies such as TOPPS, Walmart, and Apple.  


As a prized leading artist for TOPPS, (a global company who supports sports and entertainment enthusiasts) we effectively illustrated the design for Garbage Pail Kids’, Wacky Packages’,
and the Star War’s card series. 


We fully appreciate the value of using integrated marketing solutions to capture the essence of your brand messaging.  Using our creative skills as video producers/editors and photography, we can help you illustrate your story and messaging, so your followers follow you more closely.



Let our artistic passions and talent help you elevate your 

brand and support all your marketing, 

and business development goals.

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